San Diego Newborn Photographer

San Diego Newborn Photographer

At just days old, Sophie captures the pure and beautiful essence of a newborn baby.  From just three days to several weeks old, Sophie is skilled in the art of safely posing and photographing newborn babies in her studio.  The studio has all of the wraps, headbands, knit rompers, props, blankets, etc… to make our newborn photography session run smoothly.  Little details, such as setting the studio at the perfect temperature for baby, to setting the soothing music of the Hawaiian station on Pandora, Sophie makes sure to prepare each newborn for a beautiful photography experience.

The best time time to have your little baby photographed in the studio is around days 4-8 old.  Is your little one already older that one week?  No problem at all!  Younger infants are typically photographed so soon because they are often still very sleepy and naturally curled in those sweet positions, which makes posing a bit easier, however, older babies are a joy to photograph too!  What I love most about them is the awesome eye contact I am able to achieve from them.  We still work on perfect posing, and during our three hour session, little ones always seem to get to snoozing at some point, which is when I swoop in with my ninja-style, gentle, baby-whisperer techniques to get that perfect little pose.  I often hear from parents that it must take a lot of patience to be a newborn photographer… yes it does, and I love it!

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Older newborn baby makes eye contact during baby photography session in the studio in San Diego
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Peaceful newborn girl in pink pose during photo session in California baby studio.
Twin newborn baby photographer in La Jolla, CA
Newborn photographer for babies from Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women and Children
Photography for newborn babies in San Diego's elite communities
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