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Back to School for the Crew Girls 2016

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Just a quick break from editing sweet newborns, cute kiddos and gorgeous bellies to bring to you my annual personal blog post featuring the most beautiful 8 and 10 year old kiddos ever.  That’s because they’re mine, lol!

It’s that time of year again for Back to School Portraits, and to celebrate my girls heading to school for the 2016-2017 school year, we headed on over to a spot we’ve been using for a few years now to sneak in some portraits in front of those cool school busses.  I dragged my really heavy vintage school desk out of the garage, where it basically is used as a laundry shelf for 364 days of the year and loaded it up into the car.  We were almost at the location when I realized that I forgot to grab some red apples as props, so I looked over and saw a doughnut shop… so the clear choice was obviously to replace red apples with very healthy (ahem) doughnuts to use as props…  Good choice, right?

Here are my girls!  Ava will be starting sixth grade this year, which means a whole new school!  She is SO excited to go to junior high school and to take some fun classes such as drama and Spanish!  This girl is going to do great!  However, this is the year that she doesn’t want me to walk her to her classroom and plant a big kiss and hug on her….sobs!  I mean, I get it, but I guess I’m not ready to cut the cord, lol.  She has given me very specific instructions as to where outside of the school we will hug and say our goodbyes, and the fashion that the hug will take place.  Seriously, sobs.

Emma started third grade last Monday and is doing great!  She is happy to have a couple of good friends in her class, likes her teacher, and is so excited to play on the ‘big’ playground now!  She’s settling into the swing of things, and quite opposite to her big sister, she wants me to bring her to classroom each morning!  Let’s hope this lasts a couple of more years at least!  I know this is a big year for her – multiplication, hello!  I know she will do great!

Well, I hope your cute kiddos had (or will have) a super awesome first day of school!  Happy school year, everyone!

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Photography for twins in San Diego

Twins | San Diego Twin Newborn Photographer

Twins San Diego Twin Newborn Photographer

Welcome to the world, August and Eleanor – San Diego’s newest little set of newborn twins!  These cuties came to the studio with their adorable big brother, Owen.  How exciting that he gets not only a little brother, but a little sister too!  I am so excited for these three siblings to grow up together and have so much fun!

August and Eleanor were super adorable.  People always ask me if photographing newborn twins is super difficult.  Well, in a sense, it is.  I mean, it’s posing, patience, shuuuushing and comforting times two.  But it’s so rewarding!  I love photographing newborn multiples!  Sometimes, newborn twins or triplets don’t necessarily want to sleep at the exact same time, so it’s often a waiting game to get them both sleepy and posed in unison.  With twin newborns, I play in by ear with posing.  If one is awake and one is asleep, I focus on getting individual poses from each – sleepy poses from the twin that’s snoozing, and eye-contact shots from the twin that’s wide awake.  These two cuties were on that schedule for most of our session.  When the finally did fall asleep at the same time, it was GO time!  Working quickly and patiently to get them posed so sweetly was so much fun.  I did require some help from August and Eleanor’s parents with keeping them in a certain position once I posed them so that I could work on baby #2.  Once both were posed, we let go and snapped away!  I love how peaceful and comfortably they both posed together, side by side.   So cute!

Here are a few shots from our twin newborn session in the studio…. enjoy 🙂

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Affordable professional newborn photography

San Diego Newborn Baby Photographer | Amaya

San Diego Newborn Baby Photographer 


It was so fun to meet and to photograph baby girl, Amaya for our newborn session a few weeks ago in the newborn studio.  This sweet baby was born a few weeks early, and spent a few weeks in the NICU.   She was finally able to come home and was happy and healthy to have her photography session take place, so we went ahead and finally set up her session.

Beautiful Amaya was do sweet and was so fun to pose.  She did great with holding my very favorite pose on her own.  If you follow my blog, you’ll know that almost always, the ‘froggy pose’ is done as a composite.  I take two separate shots – one while holding arms and wrists, and the other holding baby’s head.  Well every now and then, baby’s body type, sleep phase, etc… will allow for baby to hold the pose on their own.  I am always hovering over their head with my hand just in case for safety.  Safety is absolutely my main priority!

A few weeks ago, just before Amaya’s session, a few of us San Diego newborn photographers got together to hold a newborn and baby prop sale.  We love all of our props, but often like to change it up and trade/sell/buy amongst ourselves to keep our inventory new and fun.  I set out to get rid of a lot of my newborn backdrops, hats, props and headbands because I have a serious newborn prop hoarding problem, but instead, ended up just adding a ton more to my inventory. Oops! So, for Amaya’s session, I was ready with a cool array of new stuff!  Check out the cute blue doll bed… Baby Amaya was a fan.  You can tell because she chose that prop to smile in ????.  And that gorgeous, white wool wrap keeping Amaya cuddled on the white fur was handmade by an amazing fellow newborn photographer.  Here is her online store… These wool wraps are so beautiful and unique! It’s really amazing to have such talent right here in San Diego!

Anyhow, here are a few images from baby Amaya’s newborn baby session!

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Baby photography in San Diego

San Diego Newborn and Family Photographer | Abby

San Diego Newborn and Family Photographer


I had so much fun photographing baby girl, Abby, last week for our newborn and family photography session in the studio.  This beautiful girl was just about ten days old for our session and the cutest, chubby cheeky baby ever!  Seriously, look at those adorable cheeks!

We got a great variety from a mostly sleepy little Abby, and she gave us quite the sweetest smiles!  I have to share this funny story… So mom and I were chit chatting before our session and she mentioned that Abby had a bit of thrush, which is harmless but manifests as white patches on baby’s tongue, which sometimes looks like milk curds coating baby’s tongue.  She was worried that it might show in the photos. I was confident in my response that she would naturally keep her mouth closed as she would be asleep, and that the patches wouldn’t be visible… Fast forward to close to the end of our session when sweet Abby started firing off a few beautiful smiles.  My most favorite of the smiles?  The one where… She. Stuck. Out. Her. Tongue.  Haha, it was the cutest smile ever, so I knew I had to make magic happen in post processing because mom and dad would love it as much as me.  It took some detailed work but I was able to do it, and I love the result.  Check it out below!

Here are a few images from our session!  Enjoy!

Posing pod photography newborn Newborn props DIY Newborn-posing-chair-DIY 92037 Newborn photographer San Diego, ca Baby photography in San Diego San Diego Newborn and Baby Photographer San Diego premiere newborn Del Sur Newborn Photographer Newborn props California newborn and family photographer Newborn and family portrait photographer Newborn photography SD Newborn Photography Newborn-Photographer-Baby-studio san-diego-newborn-family-photographer Newborn photography in San Diego, cA Newborn photography in San Diego County Abby | San Diego Newborn and Family Photographer newborn sibling poses

San Diego Best newborn photographer

Isn’t big sister, Anna, the best big sister ever? She asked to hold her baby sister for more shots.  So sweet!

International Children Photography Contest Winner

DIY newborn posing chair

Newborn and Family Photographer San Diego | Theo

Newborn and Family Photographer San Diego, CA | Theo

I had a great time photographing this little handsome dude, Theodore.  This sweet baby boy came to the studio with big brother, mom and dad, and grandma and grandpa.  This little guy is loved!  He did great during our session and what’s awesome is that he was my first to test out my new DIY newborn ‘chair’!  I think he liked it!  It was a fun project to work on and didn’t take much time.  I want to make a few more now in different shapes! Sweet baby Theo let me pose him as he slept peacefully for most of our session.  Thanks, buddy!  Here are a few images from our newborn session, with his beautiful family too!

Theo Newborn and Family Photographer San Diego, DIY newborn chair Posing newborn in a DIY chair DIY newborn posing chair San Diego newborn and family photographer best of So Cal Sophie Crew Photography El Cajon Southern California newborn photographer Newborn Photos in San Diego Newborn Photographer San Diego Award winning newborn photographer Souther California Pregnancy in San Diego How to use striped blanket in newborn photography San Diego newborn workshop and mentor Sophie Crew Photography award winning newborn photographer posing California newborn photographer Baby photography Mary Birch Hospital San Diego newborn and family photography Yelp family newborn photographer So Cal newborn photographer Newborn and Family Photographer in San Diego, CA San Diego newborn See that sweet smile in mommy’s arms?  Love it!  Such a peaceful little smile!

I am gearing up for my newborn posing workshop next week in Jacksonville, FL!  Interested in a mentoring session in So Cal?  Contact me at for information on 1:1 mentoring and future group workshops!

Stay tuned for a bunch of sweet, new newborn baby blog posts… I’ve been behind on blogging and promise to keep up through the summer!

Jacksonville Newborn Workshop

San Diego Based Newborn Photographer Sophie Crew Photography

San Diego newborn photography artist Sophie Crew Photography Jacksonville Newborn Workshop

I am so excited to head east to Jacksonville, FL this month for a fun, one day newborn workshop where we will spend the day together posing, editing and chit-chatting about the business of babies!  Join me for this once a year opportunity in Jacksonville!

This awesome one-day workshop will be held on July 23rd, 2016.

In the morning, we will tackle one full newborn session, focusing on posing, understanding newborns, and how to set up your own workflow to achieve the best of each individual baby.  Bring your camera along!  This will be your time to work together with me to get baby set up and to get the best shots in terms of angles, lighting, expressions, etc.

It’s lunchtime!  We’ll break for some food and chit-chat!

In the afternoon, we’ll head back to the studio to take a peek at the images we captured that morning, then discuss editing.  I’ll provide you with my own workflow, from start to finish.  We will go over a few individual images from the morning session and edit them fully, reviewing each step of the process.  My goal is to give you the tools you need to develop your own style of editing based on the tricks I use for my own.

Workshop enrollment will be limited to 5 photographers, with a minimum of 2 attendees.  The cost for this awesome one day workshop is $700.  A $350 non-refundable retainer is required to retain your seat.

Enroll below!  See you in Jacksonville!

Newborn Workshop Registration

San Diego Newborn Photographer

San Diego Newborn Photographer

San Diego Newborn Photographer

Harlow – one week new…

It was so great to meet baby girl, Harlow last week for our newborn photography session in the studio.  I met her beautiful family a few years ago when I photographed her big sister for her own newborn session, so I was so excited to hear from mama S a few months ago, and to hear that baby #3 was on her way!

We got some great images from sweet Harlow.  She had a few moments of awake time where I was able to get some good eye contact.  My most favorite image of her awake is of her with her siblings… getting eye contact is sometimes difficult to achieve from a newborn, so imagine how excited I was to see that she had kept focus on me during those precious sibling shots!

San Diego Newborn Photographer

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Orange County newborn workshop and mentoring

Newborn posing and photography mentoring session

Newborn Photography Workshops and Mentoring
Sophie Crew Photography


I had such a fun time meeting and mentoring fellow photographer, Ana, for our 1:1 newborn mentoring session just a few weeks ago!  Ana came down to my San Diego studio from Orange County, CA for a full day of instruction on prepping, posing, editing and business chat.  We started the morning by preparing the studio for our newborn model, going through the different possible scenarios that we might encounter during our newborn session, such as how to begin if baby arrives to the studio wide awake, awake but sleepy, sleepy but ‘fighting it’, etc… we laid out our different ‘stations’ throughout the studio and got to know each other as we chatted about the day to come.

Our adorable newborn model, Solomon, arrived ready to go!  We went through my typical poses and workflow, and even got a few adorable smiles from our full newborn session.  Baby Solomon cooperated well and showed us what a typical newborn session entails in regards to sleepy time (deep sleep vs. light sleep), breaks for feeding, proper comforting techniques, etc… We went through shooting angles, connection to baby through the lens, light placement, etc…  All in all, we had a fun-filled morning of newborn goodness!

After our session with this little cutie, we took a break for lunch, then jumped right back into it for our afternoon of editing, workflow and business chat.  We went through my general editing workflow, including common issues that are encountered in newborn editing (color adjustment, balancing, etc…) as well as my personal editing technique and style.  Editing for me, is where these captured images come to life.  It’s so fun to pull up the images in Photoshop and explain ‘so here is why we posed baby/positioned baby/angled ourselves/used this wrap/etc…’ as we look at the image ready to be edited and turned into art.

Ana, it was a huge pleasure to meet and to work with you!  I am so excited to keep up with you and to follow you through your newborn photography journey!  Special thanks to baby Solomon’s mommy for allowing us to photograph this sweet boy!

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For more information regarding a one-on-one newborn mentoring session or to host a newborn posing and editing workshop in your area, please email or click here to shoot me an inquiry via the website!

San Diego's newborn posing and photography artist Sophie Crew Photographer for all of the county's newborn babies

Wide eyed and handsome – a mini newborn session

Wide eyed and handsome – a mini newborn session with Sophie Crew Photography

Meet this wide eyed and handsome little guy, Akash!  This sweet boy came to the studio for his mini newborn photography session just a few weeks ago, and I just LOVED how much he connected with me during his time awake.  It’s sometimes difficult to photograph newborns when they’re awake, because as photographers, we are waiting for that ‘connection’ to happen, and when baby is so new, it’s hard to get them to look right at you.  Newborns aren’t able to see detail for a while, so getting them to make eye contact with you is a big deal!  During a typical newborn session, baby is awake for a bit, and I take that opportunity to try to get that eye contact.  Usually, I am able to achieve it once, maybe twice.  It takes patience!  However, sweet baby boy, Akash, did not hold back with not only making the most amazing eye contact with me, but the most adorable expressions too!  This little guy is so full of life and so ready to dive right into experiencing it!  I am so excited for this little guy to grow up and enjoy his journey along the way!

Baby Akash arrived at the studio wide awake…

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But with just the right temperature in the studio, shushing sounds, gentle handling and a full milk belly, he finally dozed off into dreamland during the last moments of our session…

Yelp review Newborn Photography in San Diego Sophie Crew Photography San Diego newborn photography Sophie Crew Photography is one of San Diego's best newborn photographers Swaddled and posed newborn infant baby. Wide eyed and handsome - a mini newborn session

Now booking newborn sessions for summer and fall 2016!  Click here for booking information….

before and after froggy pose

Before and After Newborn Posing in San Diego, CA

Before and After Newborn Posing in San Diego, CA

I had fun photographing sweet baby girl, Aria for our mini newborn session just a few weeks ago. She did a great job of snoozing our hour long studio session away.

Here is a fun little before and after comparison… I photograph all of my studio newborn sessions with my 35mm Nikon lens, which allows me to create composite shots pretty easily.  I use my left hand to pose and hold baby while I shoot with my right hand.  Almost always, this well known ‘froggy’ pose is a composite of two individual images.  For the first image, I hold baby’s arms while supporting the head with my own fingers under baby’s hands, and for the second image, I wait until baby is settled to transfer my hand up to baby’s head, holding her head and letting go of baby’s arms.  The reason behind this is that if baby suddenly jolts awake, their head and neck stay put, safely.  However, every now and then, baby is so sleepy and content, and their little bodies are proportioned perfectly to hold this pose, in addition to a snuggly ‘hold’ I create in the blankets below baby that create a sort of baby ‘nest’, that I am able to remove my hand from the shot.  In the SOOC image (straight out of camera), you don’t see my hand.  It is actually just above the image fame, just inches away from baby Aria ‘just in case’.  No matter how settled baby is, I always have a hand just inches away.  Baby Aria did not move at all for this pose – she was a little rock star!

before and after froggy pose California newborn posing and photography artist Sophie Crew Photography San Diego Newborn Posing professional photographer Sophie photographs newborns born at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women and Newborns newborn photography for baby La Jolla and San Diego newborn portraits Sophie Crew Photography newborn posing workshop Newborn photography Mary Birch and Scripps La Jolla Newborn in a basket of peach fur

Have a great week, San Diego!