Halloween Mini Studio Sessions

halloween mini sessions

Come join us for a day of halloween costume fun in the studio!

Thursday, October 27th from 9am to 12pm, then again from 4pm to 6pm!

3 images – $75

What’s included?
Halloween Mini Sessions are open to kiddos of all ages in celebration of Halloween! Have your kiddos wear their awesome costume and come over to the studio for their yearly Halloween photo. Sessions will be 15 minutes each, and 3 full resolution digital image(s) is/are included. You will receive your full resolution digital images from the session, with print release, allowing you to print these images on your own. You will also receive lab recommendations for quality prints. These sessions are 15 minutes and are meant to move quickly.  Images will be delivered by Monday, October 31st – Halloween 2016!

Are siblings allowed?

Sophie’s studio in El Cajon, CA 92021 – directions will be emailed once booked 🙂

What to wear?
Halloween costumes, of course!  This year’s decor will be a solid black background with ‘chalk’ decorations (spider webs, etc…) and black and white pumpkins.  I like to keep the setup very clean and not too busy as to have your little one in their costume take center stage!

How do I sign my kiddos up for this awesome mini session?
Click on the calendar below to pull up any open time slots. Pick one by clicking on it. You will be redirected to PayPal to officially reserve your spot. Spots are non-refundable, but in case of a sick kiddo or zombie apocalypse that day, you can apply 50% towards a future session.


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newborn boy posed on baby sized posing chair in knit overalls

Q&A’s in Newborn Photography

Q&A’s in Newborn Photography

your most frequently asked questions about newborn photography, answered!

Throughout my years as a newborn photographer, I have been asked the same questions over and over by both fellow baby photographers and new parents.  I thought it might be fun to come up with a cool and interactive blog post tackling these Q&A’s in Newborn Photography!  I have collected a variety of questions asked on my Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as emails and PM’s.

Here you go, folks – your most common questions, answered!  Let’s get started!

Southern California posing for newborn baby

How do you calm fussy babies without the use of a pacifier? I don’t do many newborns anymore, but I have had parents that don’t want to use a paci and it makes it so much more difficult? Any tricks?

Ah, great question!  I know from experience that some newborns just need to suck for comfort.  My first daughter would have been permanently glued to the boob had I not introduced her to the pacifier. She was quite a colicky, anxious baby, and needed that extra comfort.  Anyhow, I always have new packages of Soothie brand pacifiers on hand in case a parent does not have one in their diaper bag.  I will ask the parent if they wish to give it a shot if I find it will be helpful, but in the end, I absolutely respect a parent’s decision to use or not use a pacifier during our session.  Soothing a fussy newborn involves many different techniques.  Sucking is absolutely one of them, and perhaps one of the most important ones, but besides using a pacifier, I find that a very tight swaddle works wonders as well.  I use a stretchy material and bring baby’s arms and legs to their belly, then comfortably but tightly wrap them.  If baby calms, I will bring one or both hands up close to baby’s chin for a few cute fingers to be included until baby is calm enough to unswaddle and pose.  I also use a BabyShusher, which is a hand-held device that emits the shhhhhh sound repeatedly.  It’s on a timer, so it also helps me keep track of time during a newborn session.  Temperature is also important.  As baby is usually undressed for the session, keeping the studio at a warm 80-85 degrees is a good idea.  Rocking and jiggling are important too… rhythmic motion mimics being in mommy’s tummy, so newborns find it comforting.  If in the middle of posing and baby wakes up, I firmly hold baby’s bottom and give it a rhythmic jiggle.  I also very gently and slowly rock baby’s head back and forth to lull them back to sleep.

newborn on beanbag with headband

How do you get babies to look so bendy?! I know that’s naturally how they are but I get so nervous to bend them!

What I love about newborn photography is that I can recreate posing that mimics life in the womb.  Newborns are so tiny and bendy for a short while after birth.  If you think about how a baby is so compacted inside the womb, it’s amazing!  Toes resting on cheeks, sucking on kneecaps… it’s crazy how bendy a baby is inside the womb!  It’s of course important to never place a newborn in a position that would be uncomfortable.  In posing, I always think about how a newborn would be scrunched up in the womb and follow poses that recreate a similar position.  Also a lot of that ‘bendy’ look is just a matter of tilting baby’s head ever so slightly and achieving a particular angle while shooting to give the illusion that they are Gumbi.

newborn froggy pose on pink fabric

How long do you usually spend on a typical full newborn session?  

For a full newborn session, I usually always take up the full session time, which is three hours.  Most of the time, this also includes sibling (toddler) and family portraits as well.  I recommend to my families welcoming their 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 17th newborn to plan on arriving to the studio in two separate cars, or having a helper drive separately.  I work on those sibling and family shots within the first 20-40 minutes, then have dad, a helper or family member bring the older siblings to the park or back home while mom and I remain with baby in order to work on our newborn posing.  A three hour session gives baby plenty of time to take feeding breaks, which typically occur 1-3 times during a  session.  I always HIGHLY recommend to parents to make sure that baby is fully fed before leaving for the studio, then arriving to the studio 15 minutes prior to our scheduled session in order to top baby off.  I ask that newborns be ‘Thanksgiving Day’ full at the start of our session – this ensures a happy, satisfied newborn.  I typically have my different ‘stations’ ready to go at the beginning of the session, accounting for all of the possibilities.  Here are some of these possibilities and my go-to plan at the start of the session: Baby is awake and fussy – tight swaddle on flokati rug, beanbag and/or comfy box prop.  Baby is awake but calm and alert – half swaddle (legs and hands are posed but untucked) on the rug, beanbag or prop.  Baby is asleep but startles easily – beanbag poses with a firm and comforting hand on baby at all times (well except for when I take the shot, of course).  Baby is totally asleep in la-la land – prop and beanbag posing.  All of these ‘stations’ are ready to go at the beginning of the session, so that I can follow baby’s cues and take it from there.

newborn boy posed on baby sized posing chair in knit overalls

How do you get those cute poses in those adorable chairs?!  So Cute!

Ahh, my newborn chair!  I love that thing!  I use it all the time, even with newborns that are wide awake!  For sleepy newborns, it’s pretty simple – I create the pose that I want while holding baby in my hands – I like to have one hand at baby’s face, resting on the chair while the other is not visible (it’s comfortably tucked behind baby), and one leg dangling off of the chair.  This is my go-to pose.  I carefully place baby in this position onto the chair and gently rock the chair and baby with both hands until baby is relaxed and asleep in that position.  For newborns that are awake, I tightly swaddle baby, and use a couple of rolled up wraps that I secretly tuck away behind baby in order for baby to comfortably rest on the chair.

smiling swaddled newborn in blue

I’d love to know how your light is so soft and natural looking? It’s perfect for highlighting their delicate little features!

I switched to studio lighting a couple of years ago.  I LOVE natural light, but my studio has windows that are too high on the wall to cast even lighting on my babies that are down low to the ground, so my Alien Bee and large soft box is a lifesaver!  I love the combo of dramatic but soft lighting.  For this, I usually have my light directed to the side of baby’s face.  If I happen to have baby’s body in a particular pose and only move baby’s face, I always make sure that my light still parallel to baby’s face.  My editing style is pretty soft and includes adding a few light hues to create a dreamy and sweet image.

Swaddled in white on white newborn

How many different poses do you typically get done in a newborn session?

It really depends on each individual newborn!  During full sessions, I always aim to include family, so I will always get one + of baby with sibling, one + of the entire family, one + of mom with baby, and one + of dad and baby.  For individual posing, I have a workflow that I typically follow for each of my ‘stations’.  For example, if I start with beanbag poses, I usually begin with the froggy pose, then move baby into the taco pose, then the ‘bum up’ pose, then the hands rested on arms pose.  Then I carefully flip baby to his/her back and get some semi-swaddled ‘gumball’ poses.  I move away from the beanbag to the next set, which is usually dictated by baby… if baby stays asleep, then I move onto prop posing – I have a couple of props ready to go where I achieve a few different angles of baby resting his/her head on his/her arms inside a crate, basket or box, then move on from there.  During a full newborn session, I always get a few shots with each of these stations: colorful rug, beanbag, prop, with parents.  The variety within each station depends on baby’s sleepiness, but regardless of if they are sleepy or wide awake, I always achieve a variety within these stations.

Sleeping newborn posed on brown fabric in froggy pose

Is it as easy as it looks?

Well, newborn sessions require a lot of patience and knowledge of how to handle newborns.  Knowing how to calm a fussy baby is key, and being consistent and confident if your method is important.  When I first started out, I would come home super drained and unsure of myself, always wondering what else I could include in my session to make it go smoothly.  I am always learning and incorporating new tidbits that I learn along the way, but I LOVE what I do and definitely know that I have the patience, skill and imagination it takes to create a calm and artistic environment for baby during our session.

Questions and answers newborn photography session in San Diego

How did you start in newborn photography and what drew you to it?

Ahh, great question!  So… 11 years ago, I was a High School French teacher and photography was not even a hobby of mine at the time.  I had a point and shoot camera, like all of us did before our iPhones could do better, lol.  Anyways, my first daughter, Ava, was born.  Clueless me did not know the value of photography, as these crazy (yet probably not that uncommon) words came out of my mouth in talking about having newborn photos done: “I don’t need to spend money on a professional photographer – I can totally do this myself!”  So, off I went on a journey to copy what the pros could do… I took Ava, placed her on my bed on a pink blanket, with nothing but a floor lamp to illuminate this precious baby (keep in mind it was BEHIND her) at 9pm at night.  I snapped and snapped away.  Ohh, I was rockin’ it… so I thought.  Next up came that famous ‘newborn in daddy’s arms’ pose.  Oh I was good… haha.  I handed Ava over to her dad and had her lay out, tummy down, across his left arm.  I didn’t have a backdrop, so her nursery wall did the trick.  I had heard of this thing called ‘Photoshop’ and was stoked to get my hands of a free 30-day trial just to magically edit these beauties and show the world that I too, was a ‘professional newborn photographer’.  Ha.  I sucked.  Like, really, really bad.  I mean, I will always cherish these ‘gems’ because they are of my sweet girl, but holy cow, they were terrible!  I should have hired a professional.  Anyhow, that 30-day trial of Photoshop expired, and I thought, hmmmm, I LOVE newborns, and although I sucked at Ava’s session, I would love to learn how to actually use a camera and to pose newborns!  So, I gathered my birthday money, and headed off to Best Buy, where I purchased my first entry-level Nikon d-40x with a 50 mm 1.8 lens.  This was the start for me…

Q&A's in Newborn Photography

How do you prep parents for longer shoots?

I send every newborn client this exact preparation guide before our session.  Parent involvement can make or break a session, so it is SO important to follow these recommendations:
Please be sure to feed baby fully right before our session. I am typically in the studio about 15 minutes before our session, so please feel free to come in so that you can feed baby while I set up, so that we can begin right away with a sleepy, happy baby. It is important that baby be fully fed – we want baby to be ‘Thanksgiving Day Full’ to ensure a happy and comfortable sleep and session.
The use of a pacifier during our session may help our session run more smoothly, in the event that baby might need additional soothing during our session. A pacifier will help a baby that might not be hungry but needs to be soothed back to a comfortable sleep. I highly recommend bringing one along to our session, just in case.
Although we will focus on baby during our session, I love capturing baby with his/her family. If you wish to be included in a couple of images with your new little one, I recommend wearing a neutral or natural, solid colored top. We will work these images into the beginning of our session.

Feel free to email me with your questions!  info@sophiecrewphotography.com or head to the website for more Q&A’s and a ton of information regarding newborn photography!

Limited Edition Holiday Mini Photo Session

Limited Edition Holiday Mini Sessions 2016

Holiday Mini Sessions 2016

It’s that time of year!  I mean, we’re still in ‘pumpkin spice’ everything mode, but you know what’s coming next… hot chocolate, peppermint bark and…. my Limited Edition Holiday Mini Sessions!  Yes, it’s time to update those family portraits and get those Christmas cards mailed out!  Now is the time!

Limited Edition Holiday Mini Photo Session


What’s included?
These Limited Holiday Mini Sessions are 20 minutes and include 6 full resolution beautifully edited digital images with print release.

Sessions are limited to individual families only (including your family pup if you have one!)  These sessions are designed to provide families with a mix of family and child portraits.

These sessions will be held at Mission Trails Regional Park in Santee.


What to wear?
I love the look of solid colors, keeping away from big logos or graphics on shirts. Small prints and patters are just fine. Layers work great for the fall/winter look. Accessorize your wardrobe with chunky bracelets, necklaces and headbands or hats for the little ones.

How do I sign up?
Simply click on the date and time you are interested in on the booking calendar. You will automatically be redirected to PayPal to officially reserve your session.

When will my full resolution digital images be ready for me?
Editing and delivery will take approximately 2.5 weeks after our session. Please be sure to plan accordingly, if ordering holiday cards.

Need your images sooner than the regular 2.5 week turnaround time? I am offering an add-on service for expedited delivery. Add $150 for rush delivery, and your images will be ready for you within 3 business days following our session. Offer subject to availability.


Tuesday, November 1st (4:50pm and 5:15pm)
Thursday, November 3rd (4:50pm and 5:15pm)
Tuesday, November 8th (3:45pm and 4:10pm)
Thursday, November 10th (3:45pm and 4:10pm)

Are you looking for a specific location, theme or just want a more personalized experience for your Holiday family portraits?  Did you know that I offer mini session packages as part of my usual price list, year-round?  Head on over to my website to check out all of my all-inclusive packages. I have so many fun locations for family sessions this time of year, including a Christmas Tree lot, large open field with an old, stone fireplace, a hilltop mountain view with killer sunset light!  Remember that October-December is super busy, so be sure to book your family photography session asap!

Cancellation policy:  In the event that our session is rained out, another date will be rescheduled individually with you.  Should you need to cancel our session, you can opt to gift or transfer your session to a friend with prior notice.  These Limited Holiday Sessions are non-refundable.  Rescheduling fees apply should you cancel your session and wish to reschedule.

PS:  Peace, Love and Pajamas as well as Halloween Studio Minis will be announced soon… stay tuned!  Want to stay in the ‘know’ of these rad events? Hit the ‘follow’ button on my Instagram and Facebook pages!


book your Limited holiday mini session here:



Sophie Crew Photography

Preparing for your mini newborn session

Preparing for your

mini newborn sessioN

Tips and ideas in preparing for your mini newborn session…

In addition to my full newborn photography sessions in the studio, I have been offering mini sessions for a few months now, and they have been a hit!  In case you’re wondering what a mini newborn session is, it’s a very shortened, condensed version of my full newborn session.  Our session is one hour long, and we focus on making the most of our time, capturing your newborn baby in approximately three different setups.  Because many parents wonder about planning for this type of session, I’m happy to share a few tips and suggestions in preparing for your mini newborn session in the studio.

My main goal during our session is to make your little one as comfortable and happy as possible.  Awake or asleep, it is important to me to get baby happy and relaxed.  I have my own techniques to help your baby get to a happy place, which include providing a comfortable studio temperature for baby, background noise (I love the Hawaiian station on Pandora), and experience in how to handle newborns.  Some of the things you may see me do with your little one throughout our session is to lightly jiggle, provide a shhhhhushing sound (I love using The Baby Shusher), swaddle, and apply a gentle yet firm pressure to the body.  All of these things help your baby get comfy, but it is important to thoroughly follow the preparation instructions I provide prior to our session so that we can work together to get your newborn content and relaxed during our short time together.

My first tip is a really, really, really important one… Make sure you have calculated driving time to the studio, so that you can be sure to feed baby fully before departing from your home and in time to arrive at the studio 15-20 minutes prior to our scheduled session time.  Arriving 15 minutes early will allow you to get baby undressed (diaper and light blanket during this period) and to get acclimated to the temperature in the studio.  This is also an important time to feed your newborn again.  As you have just fed your baby before leaving, your little one should be content, but ‘topping off’ is a great idea so that baby won’t be hungry again during our session.  10-15 minutes of final feedings is usually plenty to get baby into a (usually) snoozy place.  If your newborn is going through a growth spurt or you notice a lot of eating going on the day before or the morning of our session, please make sure to account for any additional time you might need for feeding.

I also ask that you bring a pacifier along.  I recommend the Soothie 0-3 Month pacifier.  I find that some babies don’t like the traditional ‘baby’ shaped pacifiers that have more of a platypus style nipple.  Pacifiers can help a newborn that needs just that extra bit of comfort through sucking.  It is a natural and common need for a newborn, and while we are working on getting your little one comfortably posed, this can help greatly!  I don’t recommend parent fingers instead of pacifiers.  Personally, I worry about germs that might be hiding under your nail bed, but professionally, well… your hand gets in the way of posing!

Relax!  Your baby can sense your nervousness.  I find that when parents of newborns that are very anxious about the the session and how their newborn will do, the feeling rubs off on baby and causes a bit of restlessness.  My job is to keep baby happy and content, so I encourage you to relax and enjoy our session.  Sit back and take a moment to hang out, relax and let me take over for the next hour.  I’ve got that Hawaiian station on Pandora playing…. feel free to imagine we’re baby posing on a  beach in Maui!

Being awake is not a bad thing!  I know, you have dreams of your baby sleeping soundly while I get all of those detailed poses.  That is my goal too, but more importantly, I want your baby to be happy.  Despite all of our preparations and in-studio techniques, sometimes newborns just don’t want to miss a beat!  They sense they are in a new environment and want to take it all in.  That’s totally fine!  I love capturing wide-eyed newborns!  Don’t stress if your newborn is not sleeping right at the start of our session.  I will spend the next hour getting him or her so comfy while I get some good eye contact, that your little one might just fall asleep during the session, and we can quickly move onto those sleepy poses!

Here is our little model for this blog post – newborn baby, Fisher!  Welcome to the world, little buddy!
Newborn Photography Mini Sessions San Diego newborn baby boy posing in gray chair in San Diego Preparing for your mini newborn session San Diego Best newborn photographer poses newborn boy in a white swaddle on blue blanket Newborn boy in the taco pose on blue blanket perfect posing in San Diego Smiling newborn swaddled in Sophie Crew's studio in San Diego Making the most of your mini newborn session San Diego recommendations for newborn photographers Sophie Crew Photography Newborn Portrait photography in So Cal How to prepare for your mini newborn session in San Diego San Diego newborn photos How to pose a swaddled newborn Interested in booking your mini or full newborn session with Sophie Crew Photography?  Check out the website for info and to send me an inquiry!

10 Tips to Calm a Fussy Newborn

10 Tips to Calm a Fussy Newborn

Tried and True tips to help new parents get through those first few weeks with baby

Over the course of my 11 years of not only being a mother, but also a professional newborn and baby photographer here in San Diego, I have learned quite a few tricks of the trade to help our little ones settle comfortably into their new outside world.  You may wonder why in the world you would want to take advice from a newborn photographer.  Well, as newborn photographers, our main role is to turn to our Baby Whisperer experience to soothe, calm and settle these tiny beings into comfortable poses in a limited amount of time.  Below, I have streamlined my most important tips and tricks in order for you to do these at home.  Enjoy 🙂

10 Tips to Calm a Fussy Newborn Infographic

  1. Full Belly
    Your newborn’s main job is to grow.  Eating provides your little one with the nutrients he or she needs to do so.  There will be times when baby is hungrier than usual.  In my experience, I have found these to be related to growth spurts.  As long as there are not medical issues or your doctor has advised otherwise, let your baby feed freely, and let him or her tell you when they’ve had enough.  Typically, this could mean falling asleep during feeding, or just pulling away.  Don’t forget to burp baby during and after feedings to avoid a painful tummy.
    Your newborn baby has been living in a soothing, yet noisy environment for 9 months.  Inside the belly, baby hears your heart, circulating blood and other consistently loud sounds 24 hours a day.  Once born, their environment turns quiet.  Making Shhhh-ing sounds reminds baby that they are in a warm and safe place, as it brings them back to the womb.  So for this technique, I must absolutely recommend “The Happiest Baby on the Block” by Dr. Harvey Karp.  Watching his video, if you have already read the book, is also a must.  11 years ago, as a new mom, I just assumed that ‘shushing’ was to be lightly lullabied to baby.  I was wrong, lol!  When baby is crying, that is all they hear.  In order to be effective in providing them with that comforting shushing sound, you need to distract their cry with a shush.  Get close to baby, and provide consistent and repetitive ‘Shhhhhh’ sounds that are not deafening, but loud enough that baby will hear it.  One tip I can’t forget is to continue repeating ‘shhh’ for minutes after baby has calmed down.  This reaffirms to baby that he/she is ok and in a safe, warm place with that familiar, comforting sound.
  3. Upright position
    I have found that in my many years of experience with handling newborn babies almost daily, that some newborns are more prone to reflux-type tummy pains.  As an adult, you might have the occasional heartburn, and you might know that for you, laying on your back is the last thing you want to do.  A good tip if you suspect a moment of fussiness due to reflux in your newborn, is to prop him or her upright.  I personally like to place them in the froggy position (see image #1 above) while posing, but for everyday handling, a burping position will do just the same.
  4. Movement
    My mom always swore by putting me in the carseat and driving me around town in the middle of the night in order for me to fall asleep.  Just like that familiar ‘shhhhh’ sounds baby would hear all day and night long while in the womb, baby is used to the movement that he or she felt as you went about your day while pregnant.  In chatting with my maternity photography clients over the years, as well as in my own experiences, when pregnant, you might have noticed baby becoming more active at night time, kicking and moving around inside your belly.  Well that is because while you were trying to settle your body down in bed, your baby was disrupted from his or her sleep while being lulled by the constant moment you were providing.  Newborns are used to movement and find it very soothing.  Pick baby up, walk around the house, closely hold your newborn as you sit and bounce from an exercise ball, rock baby, etc… just move!
  5. Jiggles
    I have no idea how this works, scientifically, but dude – it works!  I use this technique a lot while posing newborns, but I was so excited to see this video surface last year of Dr. Robert Hamilton using this technique with one of his pediatric newborn patients.  If you are a newborn photographer and are reading this, check out pose #9 above – this is where I use this technique the most, and it is super effective in calming newborns into this pose.  For new parents, please watch the YouTube video above to see how this miracle tip totally works!
  6. Pacifier
    As long as your pediatrician gives you the ok, I am a super believer in the pacifier.  Newborns need to suck.  They are not always necessarily hungry, but need that comforting feeling.  As a newborn photographer, I ask all of my clients to bring one along (and I have extras on hand in the studio).  This helps settle a newborn that is tired but perhaps overtired and overwhelmed, settle into a repetitive sucking motion, and are immediately calmed.  Be sure to discuss pacifier and any other sucking (finger, etc..) usage with your pediatrician either at the hospital or during your first well-baby visit to make sure baby is eating properly and is healthy enough for a pacifier.
  7. Forehead Sweep
    Here is another one of those ‘I have no idea why this scientifically works, but it does’ tips… We all know that touch therapy and skin to skin contact with your newborn baby provides a wealth of benefits.  I find that when I am posing my newborn babies, and they are almost asleep but are fighting it ever so slightly, a gentle, soft and slow sweeping of my fingers from the top of their hairline to the base of their nose, working through the forehead, lulls a newborn into a relaxed state.
  8. Tight Swaddle
    With my two daughters, I was a big fan of swaddling, and I came to absolutely love it when I introduced swaddling to my newborn photography clients.  The key is the keep baby in a comfortably tight swaddle, where arms and legs are comfortably but snugly molded onto belly.  I love the use of jersey fabrics as they provide quite a bit of elasticity for a firm yet comfortable swaddle that will mold into baby. I do it a bit differently than how it is shown in the hospital with the baby blankets they provide.  I believe the hospitals recommend folding down one corner of the blanket, then using that side to lay your newborn’s head above, then moving the remaining three corners into a burrito style wrap.  That works great with that kind of blanket, but for me personally, I choose very starchy fabrics in long rectangle forms.  I being by laying the fabric down lengthwise, then placing baby about 1.5 feet from the right edge.  I then take baby’s arms and bring them down to his or her sides, folding them above their belly, and folding that right piece snugly over baby’s torso, tucking it behind their back.  I then take baby’s legs and fold them up into a ‘criss-cross, applesauce’ position above their belly.  I then take the bottom of the wrap from underneath their bums and bring that fabric up and over , tucking behind the left shoulder.  Then I take the remaining fabric from the left side and ‘burrito’ wrap baby.
  9. White Noise
    Just like tip #2 regarding ‘shhhh’ sounds, having constant white noise in the background works great.  For those of you who are second time parents, you might notice how much more ‘easy’ your second newborn is, and how much they can fall asleep and remain calm when their older sibling is running around the house, singing, talking and playing.  I am a big believer that newborns can hear their siblings while inside the womb, and find their ‘noisiness’ soothing.  Run the dishwasher, washing machine, or simply just download an app!  There’s an app for that!  Here is the one I recommend.  I personally like the ‘fan’ noise.
  10. Warm up
    Babies are sensitive to temperature, and my experience has been that newborns do not like to be changed or wiped, because it’s cold!  Keeping the temperature at a consistently warm (but not ridiculous) temperature will make those diaper changes or outfit swaps much more seamless and your little one won’t be startled.  Ever wonder why your newborn photographer keeps her studio at a warm 85 degrees?  Well, temperature is a big deal when dealing with newborns that are usually photographed undressed or lightly swaddled.  Providing them with a warm and consistent environment means that not only will baby be comfortably warm, but your photographer’s hands that are constantly touching and moving baby around with will remain warm too, not startling baby with every touch.  Remember that your newborn was living in a swimming pool in your 98.6 degree body – they like it warm!
  11. Diaper Check
    Bonus tip!  We all know that if a newborn is unhappy, it could mean they are hungry or need a diaper change.  Not only will your newborn thank you for cleaning them up from their uncomfortably soiled diapers, but by keeping their bums clean and dry, you’ll help alleviate and/or prevent diaper rash.  I also recommend keeping baby out of a diaper for a short period each day.  Let that bottom air dry – this will help diaper rash heal more quickly.  Just be sure to lay a blanket loosely over and under baby just in case… and as a newborn photographer, let me just tell you how often those ‘just in case’ moments occur.  Although refreshing for your newborn, things can get quite messy for you.

I hope you enjoyed reading these 10 Tips to Calm a Fussy Newborn!


La Jolla Back to School Portrait Photographer

Back to School for the Crew Girls 2016

Back to School Photography San Diego

Just a quick break from editing sweet newborns, cute kiddos and gorgeous bellies to bring to you my annual personal blog post featuring the most beautiful 8 and 10 year old kiddos ever.  That’s because they’re mine, lol!

It’s that time of year again for Back to School Portraits, and to celebrate my girls heading to school for the 2016-2017 school year, we headed on over to a spot we’ve been using for a few years now to sneak in some portraits in front of those cool school busses.  I dragged my really heavy vintage school desk out of the garage, where it basically is used as a laundry shelf for 364 days of the year and loaded it up into the car.  We were almost at the location when I realized that I forgot to grab some red apples as props, so I looked over and saw a doughnut shop… so the clear choice was obviously to replace red apples with very healthy (ahem) doughnuts to use as props…  Good choice, right?

Here are my girls!  Ava will be starting sixth grade this year, which means a whole new school!  She is SO excited to go to junior high school and to take some fun classes such as drama and Spanish!  This girl is going to do great!  However, this is the year that she doesn’t want me to walk her to her classroom and plant a big kiss and hug on her….sobs!  I mean, I get it, but I guess I’m not ready to cut the cord, lol.  She has given me very specific instructions as to where outside of the school we will hug and say our goodbyes, and the fashion that the hug will take place.  Seriously, sobs.

Emma started third grade last Monday and is doing great!  She is happy to have a couple of good friends in her class, likes her teacher, and is so excited to play on the ‘big’ playground now!  She’s settling into the swing of things, and quite opposite to her big sister, she wants me to bring her to classroom each morning!  Let’s hope this lasts a couple of more years at least!  I know this is a big year for her – multiplication, hello!  I know she will do great!

Well, I hope your cute kiddos had (or will have) a super awesome first day of school!  Happy school year, everyone!

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Photography for twins in San Diego

Twins | San Diego Twin Newborn Photographer

Twins San Diego Twin Newborn Photographer

Welcome to the world, August and Eleanor – San Diego’s newest little set of newborn twins!  These cuties came to the studio with their adorable big brother, Owen.  How exciting that he gets not only a little brother, but a little sister too!  I am so excited for these three siblings to grow up together and have so much fun!

August and Eleanor were super adorable.  People always ask me if photographing newborn twins is super difficult.  Well, in a sense, it is.  I mean, it’s posing, patience, shuuuushing and comforting times two.  But it’s so rewarding!  I love photographing newborn multiples!  Sometimes, newborn twins or triplets don’t necessarily want to sleep at the exact same time, so it’s often a waiting game to get them both sleepy and posed in unison.  With twin newborns, I play in by ear with posing.  If one is awake and one is asleep, I focus on getting individual poses from each – sleepy poses from the twin that’s snoozing, and eye-contact shots from the twin that’s wide awake.  These two cuties were on that schedule for most of our session.  When the finally did fall asleep at the same time, it was GO time!  Working quickly and patiently to get them posed so sweetly was so much fun.  I did require some help from August and Eleanor’s parents with keeping them in a certain position once I posed them so that I could work on baby #2.  Once both were posed, we let go and snapped away!  I love how peaceful and comfortably they both posed together, side by side.   So cute!

Here are a few shots from our twin newborn session in the studio…. enjoy 🙂

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Affordable professional newborn photography

San Diego Newborn Baby Photographer | Amaya

San Diego Newborn Baby Photographer 


It was so fun to meet and to photograph baby girl, Amaya for our newborn session a few weeks ago in the newborn studio.  This sweet baby was born a few weeks early, and spent a few weeks in the NICU.   She was finally able to come home and was happy and healthy to have her photography session take place, so we went ahead and finally set up her session.

Beautiful Amaya was do sweet and was so fun to pose.  She did great with holding my very favorite pose on her own.  If you follow my blog, you’ll know that almost always, the ‘froggy pose’ is done as a composite.  I take two separate shots – one while holding arms and wrists, and the other holding baby’s head.  Well every now and then, baby’s body type, sleep phase, etc… will allow for baby to hold the pose on their own.  I am always hovering over their head with my hand just in case for safety.  Safety is absolutely my main priority!

A few weeks ago, just before Amaya’s session, a few of us San Diego newborn photographers got together to hold a newborn and baby prop sale.  We love all of our props, but often like to change it up and trade/sell/buy amongst ourselves to keep our inventory new and fun.  I set out to get rid of a lot of my newborn backdrops, hats, props and headbands because I have a serious newborn prop hoarding problem, but instead, ended up just adding a ton more to my inventory. Oops! So, for Amaya’s session, I was ready with a cool array of new stuff!  Check out the cute blue doll bed… Baby Amaya was a fan.  You can tell because she chose that prop to smile in ????.  And that gorgeous, white wool wrap keeping Amaya cuddled on the white fur was handmade by an amazing fellow newborn photographer.  Here is her online store… These wool wraps are so beautiful and unique! It’s really amazing to have such talent right here in San Diego!

Anyhow, here are a few images from baby Amaya’s newborn baby session!

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Baby photography in San Diego

San Diego Newborn and Family Photographer | Abby

San Diego Newborn and Family Photographer


I had so much fun photographing baby girl, Abby, last week for our newborn and family photography session in the studio.  This beautiful girl was just about ten days old for our session and the cutest, chubby cheeky baby ever!  Seriously, look at those adorable cheeks!

We got a great variety from a mostly sleepy little Abby, and she gave us quite the sweetest smiles!  I have to share this funny story… So mom and I were chit chatting before our session and she mentioned that Abby had a bit of thrush, which is harmless but manifests as white patches on baby’s tongue, which sometimes looks like milk curds coating baby’s tongue.  She was worried that it might show in the photos. I was confident in my response that she would naturally keep her mouth closed as she would be asleep, and that the patches wouldn’t be visible… Fast forward to close to the end of our session when sweet Abby started firing off a few beautiful smiles.  My most favorite of the smiles?  The one where… She. Stuck. Out. Her. Tongue.  Haha, it was the cutest smile ever, so I knew I had to make magic happen in post processing because mom and dad would love it as much as me.  It took some detailed work but I was able to do it, and I love the result.  Check it out below!

Here are a few images from our session!  Enjoy!

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San Diego Best newborn photographer

Isn’t big sister, Anna, the best big sister ever? She asked to hold her baby sister for more shots.  So sweet!

International Children Photography Contest Winner

DIY newborn posing chair

Newborn and Family Photographer San Diego | Theo

Newborn and Family Photographer San Diego, CA

I had a great time photographing this little handsome dude, Theodore.  This sweet baby boy came to the studio with big brother, mom and dad, and grandma and grandpa.  This little guy is loved!  He did great during our session and what’s awesome is that he was my first to test out my new DIY newborn ‘chair’!  I think he liked it!  It was a fun project to work on and didn’t take much time.  I want to make a few more now in different shapes! Sweet baby Theo let me pose him as he slept peacefully for most of our session.  Thanks, buddy!  Here are a few images from our newborn session, with his beautiful family too!

Theo Newborn and Family Photographer San Diego, DIY newborn chair Posing newborn in a DIY chair DIY newborn posing chair San Diego newborn and family photographer best of So Cal Sophie Crew Photography El Cajon Southern California newborn photographer Newborn Photos in San Diego Newborn Photographer San Diego Award winning newborn photographer Souther California Pregnancy in San Diego How to use striped blanket in newborn photography San Diego newborn workshop and mentor Sophie Crew Photography award winning newborn photographer posing California newborn photographer Baby photography Mary Birch Hospital San Diego newborn and family photography Yelp family newborn photographer So Cal newborn photographer Newborn and Family Photographer in San Diego, CA San Diego newborn See that sweet smile in mommy’s arms?  Love it!  Such a peaceful little smile!

I am gearing up for my newborn posing workshop next week in Jacksonville, FL!  Interested in a mentoring session in So Cal?  Contact me at info@sophiecrewphotography.com for information on 1:1 mentoring and future group workshops!

Stay tuned for a bunch of sweet, new newborn baby blog posts… I’ve been behind on blogging and promise to keep up through the summer!